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ntully_boot_camp_groups1Forget what you may have heard about fierce instructors and punishing routines. My Boot Camp is all about having fun and getting fit at a pace that suits your needs and your abilities.

I believe that the best place to exercise and get fit is outside in the fresh air away from stuffy gyms and stale air conditioned atmospheres. If the weather is a bit cold, just wear an extra couple of layers. You can take them off as you warm up.

We all have different fitness goals and I don’t want to force you into a routine that will leave you frustrated. Whether you want to lose weight, gain energy or just get into better shape, I can set a programme of exercise that will match your needs and your abilities.

This is not a quick fix. Quick fixes unfix themselves just as quickly.

I want to start you on a step by step plan that will get you to where you want to be on terms of weight, shape and fitness levels.

If you have any particular health issues, mobility problems or you just haven’t exercised in a long time, then don’t be put off. I will start you off gently and never push you beyond what you can achieve. Of course the programme will be challenging, exercise is no use if doesn’t move you up a level, but I will always take account of your abilities and any issues that may be worrying you.

Last but not least, exercising together is a great way to make new friends. At a Boot Camp you will find yourself working in teams as well as individually.

And the main thing is that we all enjoy ourselves.

If you are new to Ntully’s Boot Camp please print out and complete one of the following Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaires before coming along:
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– If you are pregnantplease use this form >

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