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As I am a bigger girl I was a bit nervous at first about doing bootcamp, I was made to feel very welcome. It didn’t take long to get started and I was pushed to some limits but I kept going, never the less. Each week gets harder but my body is getting used to it. It’s so much better than a gym as you have no one to push you, where as at Ntully’s Bootcamp you are made to push yourself and go that little bit further. I have been a few times now (depending on work patterns) and intend to better myself each time I do go, I have even managed to get a few friends to join too.


Ntully is friendly and professional. I have had the opportunity to attend her group boot camp sessions which are energetic and empowering. Ntully has great listening skills and adapts her exercises to suit your situation and fitness levels. There is no pressure to perform or over achieve which makes the whole process more enjoyable.

Marion B.

I have known Ntully Tremeer for a number of years and she has always been very bubbly and pleasant in my dealings with her.

Ntully is a personal trainer and with her business Ntully’s Boot Camp, she can help you plan the best way of achieving physical fitness with a balanced healthy eating plan.

For sedentary workers, Ntully offers lunchtime and after work fitness pans and it would be ideal for manufacturers and large office managers to enrol their staff in one of her many programmes in order that staff may have great cardiovascular workouts and feel invigorated in their working day.

I was fortunate enough to be able to be part of a day in the City Centre, sponsored by City bus, where passers-by were able to try and use the equipment and even a passing contingent of naval recruits joined in.

So if you want to get fit without expensive gym contracts and at a cost you can afford, why not enrol in one of Ntully’ s group sessions or ask about her 1-2-1 personal training package.

Steve Whiteway

Ntully conducts a professional, high intensity customised work out, based on your own capabilities… I thoroughly enjoyed my session and it makes a huge change to my lifestyle. She considers all aspects of well being. That’s what attracted me to her programme in the first place, She always keeps us updated on healthy eating on Instagram, the pretty images of food and fruits variety are encouraging… I love it xx


Ntullys Boot Camp – A great workout and fun too! It’s affordable, friendly and definitely worth attending. Ntully gives great advice and guidance face-to-face and on Facebook, Twitter etc … I recommend Ntully’s Boot Camp to anyone who would like to see results.


I am proud to have worked and supported Ntully’s Boot Camp from its PR launch in June 2013.
This unique city business works especially well with people who don’t like to go to the gym, but looking to keep fit, and do not want to commit to expensive gym membership fees, and get into shape.
Kevin Kelway, director of Dorcas Media Limited, said: “Ntully is a very inspirational businesswoman, and I’m proud to have helped support her media efforts over the last year.”
Kevin Kelway
Dorcas Media Limited
I can thoroughly recommend Ntully’s Boot Camp. Ntully is so encouraging, knowledgeable and innovative. No need for expensive trips to the gym and I like that it is mostly based outdoors (weather permitting!). Not many places you can have one-to-one or group support and guidance along with safe and professional instruction. Ntully is always available to answer any questions and spend time with her clients. In just a few weeks with a healthy eating plan and exercise, Ntully can help you begin to change your body shape and your life!